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Research by Discipline

Life Sciences Faculty Resources
In-Depth Guide: Forum
In-Depth Guide: Graduate School Guide
In-Depth Guide: Wesleyan Seminar






In-Depth Guide: Art 207 Photography
The Art Source American Music Conference
World Wide Art Resources American Orff-Schulwerk Association
ArtCyclopedia Bands of America
Art & Architecture Thesaurus Dalcroze Society of America
The Metropolitan's Art Timeline Gordon Institute of Music Learning
  Iowa Bandmasters Association
  Iowa Choral Directors Association
Museums & Galleries National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
  Iowa Music Educators Association
  Organization of American Kodaly Educators
  Suzuki Music Academy
  Yahoo's Classical Music Resources



Business 2.0 Web Guide  
West Legal Studies Resource Center Link for Business Law
Center for Applied Ethics Link for Business Ethics
In-Depth Guide: Organizational Behavior (BADM 482)


WebEc WWW Resources in Economics
RECON Regional & local economic conditions.
FreeLunch Access to 900,000+ economic & financial data series


Wiley: Kieso & Weygandt, Intermediate Accounting, 9th ed.  

Company Information

Hoover's Online brief company profiles
EDGAR Company Search From the Securities & Exchange Commission
Fortune 500  
Private 500 Forbes largest private 500

World Criminal Justice Library Network A subject directory organized by librarians from around the world.
Bureau of Justice Statistics  
Criminal Justice Links Many links to criminal justice topics.
National Criminal Justice Reference Service  

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics


In-Depth Guide: Educational Psychology - EDUC 296
Items marked with * are sources of or link to lesson plans.
General Elementary/Secondary
Science & Mathematics
Education World search engine * Eisenhower National Clearinghouse *
U.S. Dept. of Education * Frank Potter's Science Gems *
Searching the ERIC database  
Search AskERIC * Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Reading/Language Arts
Social Studies/Humanities
The Literacy Web * National Archives Digital Classroom *
ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English & Communication * History/Social Studies Website for K-12 Educators
National Council for the Teaching of English Teaching Ideas* National Endowment for the Humanities EDESITEMent *
Award Winning Children's Literature Our Documents
Carol Hurst's Children's literature site  

In-Depth Guide: HIST 351 Colonial & Revolutionary
HistoryGuide.com Documenting the American South
Jensen's Scholars' Guide to WWW Thomas-History of Congress
The WWW-VL History Index Official Records of the War of the Rebellion
NM's Creative Impulse: History References and Resources In the First Person
Internet Modern History Sourcebook  
Historical Text Archive  
Web Sources for Military History  
Links to Other Military History Sites  
Shamash: Holocaust Homepage  

"> "> ">
Voice of the Shuttle Project Gutenberg
In-Depth Guide: English 102
In-Depth Guide: English 101 Kettle Bottom
In-Depth Guide: Communication 447
In-Depth Guide: English 101 Writing
In-Depth Guide: English 311
In-Depth Guide: English 100B
In-Depth Guide: English 326
In-Depth Guide: English 365

Literary Resources

The Literary Encyclopedia Romantic Circles
Literary Resources on the Web Luminarium
Literary Resources on the Net Geoffrey Chaucer Web Site
Literary Criticism and Biography Online Sites Mr. William Shakespeare & the Internet
Online Literary Criticism Collection
Bartleby.com Library of Southern Literature
Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction American Authors
Poetry Portal Contemporary American Poetry Archive
  Online Poetry Classroom (Academy of American Poets)


The Media & Communication studies site Journalism Resources
Communication Studies Center of the ACA  
In-Depth Guide: COMM 380

Modern Languages

I love Languages Newspapers in Spanish
Centro Virtual Cervantes (Spanish language, Culture) Mundo Hispano (Virtual world for Spanish students)

Biological Science
BioTech:life sciences resources & reference tools All the virology on the WWW
Kimball's biology pages  
Forest biology and dendrology Univ. of Michigan Museum of Zoology
Bibliography of systematic mycology Entomology index of Internet resources
Human Biology/Anatomy & Physiology
Natural History & Environment
Genetics education center National Wildlife Federation On-line Field Guides
Human genome project information NatureServe
Shuster's Anatomy & Physiology Links ARKive
Science in General
WorldWide Science  
New Scientist Special Reports Science Clearinghouse (US Government)

Computer Science
S.O.S. MATHematics Webopaedia: Online Dictionary for Computer & Internet Terms
Math2.org (formerly Dave's Math Tables) Programmer's Oasis
The Math Forum The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Linear Algebra Toolkit SearchVB.com (Visual Basic)
MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive Living Internet
PRIME mathematics encyclopedia Programmers' Heaven

Hardin Medical Library Meta Directory

U. of Iowa health & medicine site

Links to Virtual Hospital From the Univ. of Iowa
Shuster's Anatomy & Physiology Links  


Professional Organizations

National professional association.
Association of Tennis Professionals Features news, scores, player profiles, tournaments.
Disabled Sports USA Info on membership, events, regional chapters, history.



Contains position papers, sports officiating pages, and links to many useful physical education programs and sites.
North American Society for Sport Management Provides information on careers, membership, accredited programs, and mission.

Physical Education & Sport

Scholarly Sports Sites (U. of Calgary) A directory with links to a myriad of sports areas.
PE Central -VTU An extensive list of lesson plans and assessment ideas, arranged topically and by grade level.
PELinks4U Links to a variety of sites dealing with physical education.
PE Zone Comprehensive resource for teachers and educators.
Sport Psychology - APA Division 47 Links, explanations of sports psychology, info about sports psychology as profession.
SportQuest This is the starting point for sports science, conditioning, coaching and training, but also for statistics, schedules, and all the more usual stuff.
Sports Media A tool for PE teachers, with lesson plans and coaching info as well as links for specific sports.

Health and Wellness

In-Depth Guide: Community Health
In-Depth Guide: Consumer Health
Global Health & Fitness Free fitness tools to click onto and free fitness assessment.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Source for statistics on health & disease, plus consumer information.
Family Practice Notebook Look up a variety of problems.
Health Teacher Has lesson plans and examples.
American Sports Medicine Institute Has video component for rehab exercises for shoulder.
Think Quest Click on to Body Quest and study the anatomy.
Cardiovascular exercises Click here to find a cardiovascular exercise for hearts and lungs
WebMD Health  
WebMD -Health Risk Appraisal A wide variety of articles and assessments.
WebMD - Kid's Height Predictor Find out how tall kids can grow.
WebMD - Target Heart Rate Calculator Calculate your target heart rate.
About.com - Stretching Exercise Has walking logs and discussion of losing weight and walking.

ChemEd:chemistry education resources  
The Information retrieval in chemistry WWW server  
The Macrogalleria  
NIST chemistry WebBook  
The "Virtual" chemistry center  

In-Depth Guide: PHIL 211ExL: Thinking About Ethics
Religion, Religions, Religious studies Episteme links: Philosophy Resources on Internet
Virtual Religion Index Ethics Updates
Christian Classics Ethereal Library Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
APS Guide to Resources in Theology  
Biblical Studies on the Web
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Judaism and Jewish Resources
International Religious Freedom Report  

In-Depth Guide: Global Issues 400
In-Depth Guide: Biopsychology
In-Depth Guide: Psychology 377
In-Depth Guide: Psychology 251
Psychology Online SocioSite
Encyclopedia of Psychology A directory of psychology sites organized by topic. Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page Poverty-related Links
Social Psychology Network Virtual Library Women's Studies
The Personality Project Men's Issues
American Psychological Association
National Institute of Mental Health USCB Dept. of Anthropology Links

Resources in Ethnographic Studies (Library of Congress)

  Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations


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